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Hollywood Bleach Movie confirmado Empty Hollywood Bleach Movie confirmado

Mensagem por Raichu em Sex Fev 24, 2012 10:25 am

O filme de Bleach em Holywood foi confirmado. Segundo eles, isto merece ser que seja feito por Hollywood. Até tenho medo do que vai sair como saiu o Dragon Ball Evolution.... :facepalm: cá nojo D:

A Hollywood movie adaptation of interminable Shonen Jump manga Bleach is said to be underway, causing much distress amongst fans fearing another DragonBall or Akira style “adaptation” of a manga classic.
According to the reports, Warner Brothers and Viz Media have concluded a movie contract, and Peter Segal (director of such classics as “Get Smart” and “50 First Dates” and said to be a fan of the series) is likely to be directing.
The adaptation itself would be of the manga rather than the anime, although there are no details as to how faithful to the original it will be.
The adaptation was initially mooted in 2010, but only recently has production been confirmed. Mangaka Tite Kubo has apparently yet to comment on the development.
Given the less than stellar record of Hollywood anime and manga adaptations, there is a certain amount of scepticism as to whether this latest effort will be any different – although optimists point to the possibility of seeing Kubo sulking if it fails dreadfully.

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